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Wagoner Wind is the fastest growing wind data collection company in the Midwest. We install and maintain meteorological testing towers, or “met” towers, with an emphasis on the installation of NRG tilt-up style towers. Our technicians have worked on projects all over the continental United States, and have experience with a wide variety of towers and terrains.

Because of the region’s growing demand for wind energy, our company is currently focusing on projects in the central United

States. The Midwestern background of our team gives us a unique advantage when it comes to working with the farmers and ranchers that call this part of the country home. We understand the delicate relationships built between developers and landowners, and make it our priority to maintain these relationships during our projects.

We offer the installation of existing equipment, or we can work with vendors to properly select equipment for each project. We make installation of a new tower as painless as possible by offering our assistance at all stages of a project, from the initial site selection to the retrieval of wind data once the tower is in place.